As a processional OEM manufacturer, we realized a significant change in recent procurement from our customers–the “B” ends: the faucet brand owners or dealers, the faucet manufacturers or the faucet distributors. Some fo them develop their own designs and ranges, and some just take from the market designs.. the interesting but inevitable fact is, basically the items they order to produce get highly similarity looking but quality reduction design.

Some customers even gave up their self-developed classic items which burned up a lot of development costs in the past.

Like below:

This item is made by casting, with large stock and discount, but still NO ” B” ends would like to take. as the market is selling the similar cheaper design (even the price after discount is better than the cheaper design online).

Sento stainless steel basin faucet, stock and disount

Another Case:

C-16, the retro design stainless steel widespread bathroom faucet, CUPC approved

It can be considered as the best quality in the market you can find for the widespread bathroom faucet, equipped with Flush cartriges..But NO “B” ends order any more, and the stock runs very slow even with big discount, as there are thousands of online designs available that are made of brass.(PS: the C ends may not know there are premium stainless steel retro style widespread faucet available )